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Food grade 100% organic Diatomaceous Earth – Natural insecticide & pesticide, Rich source of silica for plants


Silica rich, fossilized exoskeletons of aquatic diatoms (single celled algae) harvested from sediment and ground to a powder.


Although beneficial to human and animal health, DE is deadly to many insects and pests. It kills ticks and fleas found on your pet, gardeners enrich their soil, farmers feed it to their animals to reduce parasites and humans take it for colon cleansing and general detox.


DE is completely natural and non toxic. It’s miniscule sharp edged particles pierce the protective exoskeletons of pests and cause dehydration. And because DE is not a poison, no resistance is built up by the pest over time.


• DE is mineral-based: approximately 3 % magnesium, 5% sodium, 2% iron, 19% calcium, 33% silicon and several trace elements.

• DE is non toxic therefore harmless to you, your pets, birds, fish, wildlife or any beneficial microorganisms it contacts in soil.

• DE is not chemical. It does not harm like chemical poisons and will not lose potency nor evaporate.

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• For controlling pests in your home, sprinkle DE into carpets, rugs, mattresses and furniture. Leave for 24 hours if possible and vacuum with a wet/dry, shop vac or filter-less vacuum cleaner.

• Sprinkle onto surfaces and into crevices and drawers where bugs are not wanted.

• Sprinkle as a barrier to deter pests entering where unwanted.

• Sprinkle as a deodoriser into dustbins and over pet toilet areas.


DE is only effective when dry and present. Repeat the application if it is washed away.

EFFECTIVE AGAINST: Aphids, thrips, ants, mites, earwigs, bedbugs, adult flea beetles, cockroaches, snails, fleas, ticks, lice and other soft bodied pests.

DRY APPLICATION: Remove people and pets from the area and wear a mask until dust has settled.

• Using a dust applicator, cover both top and underside of foliage. Do not dust if heavy rain is due, however dusting after light rain or while dew is present, helps the dust to adhere.

• Apply around the base of plants to prevent access to foliage by crawling insects.

• Sprinkle as a barrier to prevent ants and other crawling insects accessing unwanted or indoor areas.

  • Sprinkle into compost heaps to kill maggots and remove smells.

• Sprinkle into bins, compost heaps and over regular pets’ toilet areas, as a deodoriser.

• Mix with potting soil to assist with retaining moisture, fertilizers and increase drainage and air circulation to roots.

WET APPLICATION:  Thoroughly mix 10 – 15g DE into 1 litre of water. Agitate the container or stir throughout the spraying process, covering both sides of foliage thoroughly. Spray onto stems and foliage, avoiding blooms. Spray directly onto lawns to control ticks and fleas. DE can be applied as a paint to trees.

PRECAUTIONS: Inhalation is not harmful but not advised. A mask is recommended while applying.  DE is a dust and therefore irritating to the eyes. Protect ALL faces and eyes when powdering – including (your) pets! DE may be drying to the skin. Use with care on young puppies or kittens. Only use as a dewormer for puppies and kittens when they are eating solid foods.  To avoid any harm to bees and dragonflies, avoid spraying onto blooms.  Avoid digging into soil populated by earthworms as there are conflicting opinions as to whether DE causes them harm or not.  DE can be detrimental to filtered vacuum cleaners.

PET USE: Natural dewormer, Flea and Tick control

• Vacuum or clean your pet’s bedding or sleeping area. Once clean, sprinkle DE into these areas. A good tool is a cleaned spice bottle with a shaker lid!

• If possible, wash your pet with a good moisturising flea and tick shampoo first, then sprinkle a small amount onto your pet’s coat and gently rub in.

• Repeat weekly applications to bedding for 3 – 4 weeks to combat pest life cycles.

• Not recommended for young puppies or kittens

* DE absorbs moisture and can be drying to the skin. Test on a small area of your pet first and wash with a good moisturising shampoo if irritation is noted.

DE controls numerous types of worms in cats and dogs, however do not feed to puppies or kittens until they are eating solid foods.

WET FOOD : Mix well into the portion fed.
DRY FOOD : Method One: Mix with 1 cup of warm water and pour over food portion.
Method Two: Calculate the number of servings in the unopened bag. Now multiply the appropriate DE dosage by the amount of servings and add that volume to the bag. Shake vigorously coating the food. DE will absorb the taste of the food and be almost indistinguishable to your pet. Repeat for each new bag purchased.

daily dosage for CATS: 6 kgs: 1 1/2tsp

daily dosage for DOGS: 45 kgs: 2 TBSP

This product is suitable for hens’ bodies and bedding too.


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