There are many ways to reduce the environmental pollution that stems from your home, simply by choosing eco-friendly products. This could start with the small accessories that we purchase. Undoubtedly, one would always be attracted to what is pleasing and what you are used to.

Accessories can add versatility, usefulness, and attractiveness to your outfits. Great examples of accessories are; Jewelry, bags, sunglasses, and more accessories in eco-friendly, recycled, upcycled, and sustainable materials on It is essential to choose sunglasses that are polarized and UV protected.

Sunglasses Provide Protection from UV Light. They protect not only your eyelids but also the retina and cornea of your eye. Wearing sunglasses all year is a good idea because UV light can cause damage even on cloudy or snowy days. Sunglasses also prevent those UV rays from causing skin cancer around your eyelids.

About Us

Ecomauritius is your one-stop ecological community and eco-e-commerce site for an environment-friendly, conscious shopping & lifestyle. We believe that everybody is responsible for protecting our planet. Through this platform, we promote & sell PRODUCTS, ACTIVITIES, LODGING, EVENTS, WORKSHOPS, BUSINESSES & SERVICES, ALL environment friendly. We all can make a difference by making little changes in how we think, purchase, and lead our lives. A beautiful future lies within our hands. 

By eco-shopping on our site, you choose from a quality, thoughtful selection of only the best. All price ranges and age groups can shop happily. We are a new and fast-growing platform with more daily choices. Purchase any of our products HERE today and enjoy them as we serve the entire island of Mauritius and the world.

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