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These registered Non-Governmental Organisations are doing a fabulous job for the environment in Mauritius. We want to encourage and support their efforts by having them here so you discover their work and support them too.

PAWS, Protection of Animals Welfare Society strives to improve animal welfare in Mauritius through sterilisation campaigns, education and animal refuges.

Reef Conservation is dedicated to the conservation and restoration of the marine environment of Mauritius

Mission Verte, created the first link in what would become a chain of waste recovery and recycling in Mauritius.

Registration Number 15699, this Non-Governmental Organisation cares for stray and abandoned pets.

Call them for more information on 59632054

We-Recycle Mauritius on

We-Recycle is a Mauritian NGO whose sustainability approach is based on 3 pillars – education, collection for recycling and advocacy

NouZanimo Environment friendly NGO on

Join NouZanimo as we do our best to make Mauritius a safe and happy environment for our furry friends!

Eco-Sud aspires to a Mauritius where the “right of nature” would be taken into account and where life would be good for all.

All life matters ngo on

ALM is a registered NGO running a sanctuary in Bois Rouge, caring for over 120 animals – horses, pigs, cats, dogs, monkeys, ducks, a goat, a cow, rabbits etc – each one is rescued from all over the island! In addition they have a veterinary clinic focusing on sterilizations.

Precious Plastics is an organization that aims to save our Ocean from plastic pollution by organizing a series of activities.

ecosystem restoration on

Integrating scientific knowledge, research and educational awareness to save biodiversity.

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