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Booklets and Notepads are essential products for your office or study corner. Doesn’t it amaze you that stationery remains used throughout a human’s life? Why not shop stationery with us, Eco-Mauritius? You are guaranteed recycled, up-cycled, sustainable paper and more products that can make your office or study space aesthetic. Not to leave out, the products are environmentally friendly and affordable—your one-stop online shop for stationery in Mauritius.

About Us

Eco-Mauritius is your one-stop ecological community and eco-e-commerce site for an environment-friendly, conscious shopping & lifestyle. We believe that everybody is responsible for protecting our planet. Through this platform, we promote & sell PRODUCTS, ACTIVITIES, LODGING, EVENTS, WORKSHOPS, BUSINESSES & SERVICES, ALL environment friendly. We all can make a difference by making little changes in how we think, purchase, and lead our lives. A beautiful future lies within our hands. 

By eco-shopping on our site, you choose from a quality, thoughtful selection of only the best. All price ranges and age groups can shop happily. We are a new and fast-growing platform with more daily choices. Purchase any of our products HERE today and enjoy them as we serve the entire island of Mauritius and the world.

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