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EcoPools recreate pristine swimming ponds and mountain pools found in nature. The water is kept sparkling clean by circulating it through a living ecosystem of water plants. The result is a lush indigenous aquatic garden cradling a clear, natural pool, the water of which is perfectly clean, soft on the skin and infused with healing energy. No Salt, no chemicals, no sterilisation equipment.

Our designs are cutting edge and surpass anything available internationally. We have developed unique methods to ensure that our pools thrive in the warm and sunny climate. 

We are unique in our strengths: biological innovation, design creativity, high aesthetics, obsession with detail, authentic bio-mimicry and eco-logical solutions.

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As opposed to conventional pools, Natural Swimming Pools® function as living ecosystems. When properly designed these systems encourage the growth of beneficial microorganisms, plants and animals which work together to outcompete algae and detrimental bacteria. This results in water that is absolutely clear and pure enough to drink.

Swimming in water that has been cleaned by plants feels soft on the skin and leaves hair and eyes naturally hydrated. Many of the plants in the ecosystem are medicinal and bathing in water that has passed through their roots has been claimed by clients to have a deeply healing and soothing quality. Eco Pools are the beautiful, modern, conscious alternative to sterile, blue pools.

Person of contact: Remy Motet
Phone Number: 54235946
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