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Cim Finance Green Lease 

Are you planning to purchase a new electric or hybrid car? 

Cim Finance has the financing plan that you are looking for. 

Cim Finance’s Green Lease financing plan is specially designed to support the purchase of environmentally friendly* vehicles and equipment.

Our offer: 

• 100% Duty Free

• A highly competitive interest rate starting from 4.25% p.a for new electric and hybrid vehicles

• Green Lease interest rate for second-hand and reconditioned electric and hybrid vehicles as from 5% p.a. 

• Financing up to 100%.

• Financing plan for up to 7 years.

Contact our Cim Leasing team on 203 6807 or 

Visit our website:

Offer valid only for electric and hybrid vehicles with an emission level of not more than 79g of CO2/Km. 

Terms and conditions apply

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Good and Green Reasons to Consider an eco-friendly vehicle

Of course, the very first reason to choose a hybrid or electric car is the satisfaction of doing good for the planet and of being a responsible citizen. However, there are many other reasons that Cim Finance and its car dealer partners suggest here.

1. A Green Lease at a competitive rate and many other advantages

With Cim Finance, the interest rate of a Green Lease for a hybrid or electric car is from 4.25% p.a. An offer not to be missed! Your choice can be a new or second hand car, provided that the emission does not exceed 79g of CO2 per kilometre, at an interest rate from 5% p.a. You have seven years to repay your loan. These are all advantages in addition to the 50% reduction on declaration fees and tax exemptions, offered by the government.

And it’s not over: the Cim Green Lease is also valid for equipment to be used to power your vehicle, such as photovoltaic panels or solar charging stations to be installed at home.

2. Practical facilities

Worried about having a break down with an electric car? Don’t worry: most of these cars’ batteries have a range of 350-600 kilometres. You can therefore drive for an average of 6 days without recharging. That is better than a full tank of gas! And car dealerships make it easy for you: some offer you a home cable to charge your car at home, others install a charging station at your home, and still others give you free access to their showroom facilities. Until gas stations and supermarket parking lots are all equipped with charging stations… A future that is fast becoming a reality.

3. Medium-term savings

Running on electricity costs up to four times less than running on fuel. In addition, there are no maintenance costs: a hybrid or electric car does not need an annual visit to the mechanic. Are you thinking that a “green” vehicle still costs more to buy? Keep in mind that the sale of electric cars will get a boost in the next few years, as European countries impose new standards on manufacturers. All thermal cars will have their electric equivalent. And when there are more cars on the market, there will be models for every budget! 

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