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BIOCLIN DEO INTIMATE SPRAY 100 ml for perspiration in intimate areas.

A large concentration of apocrine sweat glands and sebaceous glands can be found in the genital area, a particularly warm and moist part of the body where sweat and sebum create an optimal breeding ground for skin microflora. 

Deo Intimate is specifically formulated to prevent bad odors in the male and female genital regions, providing maximum comfort and long-lasting freshness. 

The deodorizing action derives from Deo Complex, an extremely effective synergy of exclusive active ingredients with the following properties: anti-bacterial, astringent and anti-perspirant prevents and neutralizes bad odors by converting volatile fatty acids into odorless salts.

The roles of vitamin C in skin health:

• antioxidant action: inhibits lipid peroxidation

• restructuring action: promotes skin collagen synthesis and inhibits collagen degradation

Free of parabens and wheat derivatives

Pressurized with an eco-propellant 

Clinically and dermatologically tested

Nickel, cobalt, chrome, palladium, and mercury tested *

* Less than one part per million each. Small quantities may be responsible for skin sensitization.

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Bioclin is the result of a great love for nature and more than seventy years of dermatological research.

Our integrated approach has led us to the creation of innovative and effective synergies between technology and nature.

A method we call Dermocosm-Ethics encapsulates in one word our passion, expertise, research, and unique skin and hair care products.

Bioclin strives to formulate products that are highly sustainable and biodegradable: this means that when the ingredients in our products are reintroduced into the environment and come into contact with water and the land, they turn back into water, carbon dioxide and minerals. We only use recyclable and recycled materials for our packaging.

The power contained in each plant is extracted in all of its purity and made even more effective and functional by our researchers’ expert formulations.

Our support for Slow Food has allowed us to launch a process of salvage and transformation of waste materials from the food industry. The raw materials, obtained from selected local suppliers belonging to the Slow Food network, are processed using a delicate water-based extraction method to obtain substances that are rich in active ingredients and can be used in all cosmetic formulations.

No chemical solvents are used, further increasing the level of safety of these low- environmental-impact products.


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