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DURACO Septic tank 4700L

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DURACO Septic tank 4700L – Price includes delivery on ground level, not installation services. 

Since the process is completely natural, there is no need to add harmful chemicals and endanger the environment. The breakdown of the waste products is aided by bacteria found naturally in the environment, allowing your septic system to function as intended and keeping the community safe.

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Rectangular shape – UV treated polyethylene 

Dimensions: L 2315 x H 2000 x W 1725  –  Inlet & Outlet PVC pipe 110mm

No. of users: 10-12 


Step 1: Excavation: –

Dig to a depth that will provide a maximum of 300 mm of fine soil over the top of the Septic tank. This will avoid collapse and over-expansion of the tank and possible leakage. Allow 230 mm around the tank.

Step 2: Bedding: –

Allow for a minimum of 150 mm of compacted bedding material rock sand. Bed the septic tank and make sure it is placed levelled.

The septic tank is supplied with PVC sleeves [internal diameter 110 mm] at the inlet and outlet. The inlet and outlet pipes should be glued to the sleeves using standard PVC glue. Note the direction of flow, the inlet is higher than the outlet.

Step 3: Backfilling: –

Ensure the tank lid is properly screwed on the tank manhole. Fill the tank with water through the inlet as you backfill, keeping the water level even with the backfill level. This will prevent possible distortion of the tank and its manhole. Do not remove the lid until the end of the backfill process.

Backfill in layers of 200 mm at a time and properly compact each layer. Ensure to compact each end first. Tamp and compact the backfill under the inlet and outlet before fixing the pipes.

 Maximum backfill over the top is 300 mm. Mound fine soil over the top to provide positive drainage.

NOTE: In case the septic tank needs to be installed with more than 300 mm of soil above its top, it must be protected by a heavy-duty concrete slab, without resting on the septic tank. 


Step 4: Septic Extension: –

In case the manhole screwed lid does not reach the ground level, a septic extension will be required. Install the extension to the manhole outlet before starting the backfill process. Make use of our septic extension EXCLUSIVELY. 

The screwed lid supplied with septic will fit the septic extension.

Step 5: Leaching Field or Drain Field Material: –

The home sewer drain needs to slope at least ¼ inch per foot downhill to the inlet of the septic inlet and the outlet pipe must cater for a downhill slope of 1/8 inch per foot to the absorption pit or the leaching field. The absorption pit should be at a distance of not more than 3 m from the septic and its volume must be at least similar to that of the septic tank.


• To keep a septic tank functioning properly, it is advisable to have the septic tanks pumped every five years.

• lf the septic tank has not been utilised for a long period, it is advisable to flush toilets several times to re-activate the aerobic process of the septic tank.


Failure to comply with the points below voids the warranty:

• Do not install any tank in water saturated clay or in high water table. The tank may collapse and its content will escape.

• Tanks are not fire-resistant. Do not store them near an open flame or heat in excess of 180°F.

• Do not install any tank under the path of vehicles or heavy equipment unless protected by a heavy-duty concrete slab, without resting on the septic tank.

• When the septic tank is pumped for normal maintenance; it should be refilled immediately.

• Our septic tanks are designed only for use as underground tanks.

• Protect the tank from sharp objects which could puncture it and cause leakage.

• Avoid abusive use of detergent.

Warranty Conditions:

Duraco Septic Tanks are backed by a full three-years warranty and have been approved by the Wastewater Management

Authority. Our Septic Tanks are guaranteed against manufacturing defects and defective materials.

Our Warranty covers only products which have been installed, utilised and maintained according to our installation manual. It is limited to the repairs or replacement of faulty parts at our costs and at our factory. The buyer bears other charges such as transportation, removal and installation amongst others.

Our Warranty does not apply in the following cases:

 Normal Wear

Faulty Maintenance

 Wrong installation or utilisation

 Repairs carried out without Duraco’s authorization

No liability is accepted in case of accidents and damages resulting from the use of our products.

The repairs or replacement of parts within the warranty period does not extend the warranty lifetime.

Our warranty covers only parts which may be removed, replaced, or installed without causing any prejudice to the network or construction


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