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Rice Straws – 100pcs multicolours

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These straws are made from unbleached craft paper and are 100% compostable. 200ml long and 6mm diameter.

Grain Ingredients- Gluten-free

Safest choice for pregnant women & children

Biodegradable and natural food colouring and vegetable dye

Water Resistance Comparison:

GRADE  –  Frozen Water – Normal Water:

Grade A  – About 2 Hrs – About 1.5 Hrs

At check out NOTES section, please confirm the colour you prefer : BLUE / ORANGE / NATURAL COLOUR / YELLOW / GREEN / RED 

Out of stock

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– Rice straws are naturally produced

Rice straws are made primarily from rice powder. This also makes them edible straws. 

They are totally safe to use for anyone, including children and the elderly. Kids have the 

tendency to bite straws. Give them a rice straw instead, and you’ll have nothing to worry 


– Rice straws are biodegradable

If you choose not to eat your rice straw after finishing your drink, that’s not a problem. Rice 

straws are 100% biodegradable, also due to their natural ingredients. Rice straws will break 

down into their original components after 3 months. 

– Rice straws are tough

As an alternative to plastic straws, some restaurants and cafes offer their customers paper 

straws upon request. This is a step towards a more eco-friendly solution, but it doesn’t provide 

the same experience as a plastic straw, which can be a bit of a hassle for the customer. Paper 

straws quickly absorb the liquid that they’re placed in, which means that they’ll get soggy after 

a few minutes. Once they get soggy, they break much more easily, or they just close up at one 

end and make it hard to move anything from your cup to your mouth. With rice straws, you 

don’t need to worry about this. Rice straws can maintain their shape for a longer time than 

paper straws. You get the firmness of a plastic straw and you won’t have to replace it once or 

twice in one sitting like you would do for a paper straw.

Rice straws don’t feel weird to use

This might be the biggest advantage that rice straws have for consumers over other types of 

drinking straw. There is no strange taste or after taste from a rice straw. Paper and metal straws 

is not pratical for children and people with sensitive teeth, or people who get a metal or paper 


Raw Materials: Corn starch, rice flour & partially added vegetable food colouring

Grade ( According to water resistance ) : Grade A 

Shelf life: 18 Month

Storage instructions: Keep airtight in a cool dry place away from sunlight

Manufacturer Details: Rice from Vietnam, Rice Straws processed in China

Certification: Tested and Approved in Mauritius Ministry of Environment’s Laboratory, FDA Certificate – U.S. Food and Drug Administration


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