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What is sodium carbonate (soda ash)?

A powerful degreaser and multi-purpose cleaner, also known as soda ash, is essential for making your natural and economical household cleaning products. Very effective, the soda crystals are used daily to prepare your homemade detergents, degrease and scour the dishes, maintain the pipes, clean the oven, the hobs, the sink, the bathroom… Soda ash is also appreciated for heavy work: cleaning terraces, stripping paint or wallpaper.

Properties + How to use it?

• Powerful degreaser – Diluted in water for cleaning surfaces, dishes, objects

• Multi-function cleaner – Pure on a sponge for surface cleaning

• Stain remover and whitener

• Unclogs and maintains drains

• Purifying

• Water softener

• Increases the effectiveness of detergents due to its alkaline pH and its softening action on water – Directly in the washing machine drum to boost the efficiency of the detergents 

• Indispensable for an economical and respectful household (respecting the precautions for use) – To make your “homemade” household products (multi-purpose cleaners, dishwashing products, etc.)

• Ideal for making your own ecological detergents – To make your “homemade” detergents in powder or liquid



To scour burnt dishes and pans and the bottoms of saucepans: sprinkle 2 tablespoons of powder on and add a little boiling water. Leave on overnight then clean normally and rinse. 

For very greasy surfaces (hotplates, oven door, extractor hood, etc.): dissolve 1 – 2 tablespoons of powder in 1 liter of hot water (option: add 1-2 tablespoons( s) tablespoons household black soap). Rub with a sponge or microfiber cloth soaked in the preparation, then rinse and dry with a cloth. 

For very dirty oven or barbecue grills: apply a paste of powder and hot water, especially on charred residues and traces of grease. Scrub with a brush and leave on overnight then clean with a damp sponge. An alternative is to soak the grills in a basin of hot water with ½ cup of powder added, then scrub with a brush or scouring pad. 

To remove stains (especially tea and coffee stains), restore luster and shine to dishes (glasses, cups, carafes, teapots, etc.): soak for a few hours in hot water with 2 tablespoons of powder. Rub then rinse. 

For daily dishes: dilute 15 g of powder in 1 liter of water. Use this mixture for washing dishes. 

To enhance the effectiveness of your tablets or powder for the dishwasher and prevent the deposit of limestone: add 1 tablespoon of powder in the compartment intended for the cleaning product. 

To clean the sink and hotplates: sprinkle powder on a damp sponge. Scrub the surfaces then rinse. 


To unclog the toilet: dissolve 2 – 3 tablespoons of powder in 1 liter of boiling water. Pour into the toilet bowl. After 15 minutes, scrub and flush. 

To clean sinks, showers, bathtubs, tiles: sprinkle powder on a damp sponge. Scrub the surfaces then rinse. 

For maintenance and unblocking of pipes (light blockages): pour 2 – 3 tablespoons of powder into the opening of the pipe. Leave to act for a few minutes then pour 1 liter of boiling water. Let sit for an hour before running hot water. 

For unclogging pipes (larger obstructions): pour 2 – 3 tablespoons of powder into the opening of the pipe. Leave to act for a few minutes then pour 1 glass of alcohol vinegar and 1 liter of boiling water then use a sucker.


To remove wallpaper: dissolve 2 – 3 tablespoons of powder in a bucket of hot water. Apply with a sponge. Leave to act for a few minutes, the wallpaper will peel off on its own. 

To strip oil paints or wax on wood: dissolve 2 – 3 tablespoons of powder in 1 liter of hot water and apply this solution using a sponge. After 10 to 15 minutes, the paint layers dissolve. Neutralise the support with alcohol vinegar diluted half in water then let dry before sanding.


To increase the effectiveness of detergents with Marseille soap or soap nuts and prevent the formation of tartar: 1 – 2 tablespoon(s) (stable color laundry) to ½ glass (white laundry) of powder in detergent drawer or directly in the drum. 

To remove stains from very dirty laundry: before washing, soak the laundry in a basin of lukewarm to hot water (depending on the sensitivity of the fabric) with 1 to 2 tablespoons of powder added. Leave to soak for 30 minutes.


Clean the terrace: 1 – 2 tablespoon(s) of powder per liter of hot water. Scrub the terrace with this preparation using a scrub brush. This solution removes stains very well. In the event of a stubborn stain, leave a paste of powder and water. 

Sober up the wood or remove black stains on the stone: dissolve 2 tablespoons of powder in ½ liter of hot water. Apply this solution, leave on for a few hours then scrub with a brush. 

Clean garden furniture (plastic, wood or stainless steel) and garden tools (except aluminum ones): rub with a solution of soda ash (1 – 2 tablespoon(s) per liter of water hot). Rinse and dry with a cloth.


To remove an oil stain from concrete or asphalt: lightly wet the stain, sprinkle with powder, scrub with a stiff bristle brush. Leave overnight, brush again then rinse. 

To clean tools full of grease (except aluminium): rub with a solution of soda ash (1 – 2 tablespoon(s) per liter of hot water). Rinse and dry with a cloth.


Carefully close the container after each use. Keep in a cool and dry place, away from heat, light and humidity.


– Keep out of reach of children. 

– Avoid contact with eyes and skin. We recommend wearing gloves when handling pure or diluted soda crystals or mixtures based on soda crystals.

– Do not swallow.

– Do not mix with acids in a closed container (gas release).

– Do not apply on aluminum, waxed, lacquered or painted surfaces (except to strip them).

– Do a test on a non-visible part before the first use on a fabric or surface. 

– For laundry, be careful with delicate fabrics. Do not use soda crystals for wool. Soda crystals may discolor sensitive colors, do not soak unstable colors in concentrated soda ash solution. 

– Do not confuse soda crystals with caustic soda, which is much more corrosive 

– Dangerous. Respect the precautions for use.

– Causes serious eye irritation.

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This plastic container can be recycled. Please see the SERVICES page on our site to learn where you can recycle it. Wash thoroughly first.


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