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What is sodium percarbonate?

Sodium percarbonate is a great environmentally friendly alternative to bleach or borax, because it is non-toxic and biodegradable.

Sodium percarbonate is sometimes called “solid hydrogen peroxide” because in contact with water it releases hydrogen peroxide. Traditional laundry bleaching and stain removing agent. Used for each machine, it naturally preserves the whiteness of fabrics because it avoids dullness caused by limestone.  This powder is also effective for textiles that have already yellowed over time or for sweat rings and yellowed shirt collars. It is also an excellent stain remover (organic stains such as tea, coffee, red wine, carrot, tomato sauce, greasy stains, lipstick, blood, etc.) thanks to the oxygen released by the powder during the wash cycle. It does not contain chlorine or optical brightener, the raw materials that compose it are practically inexhaustible and non-toxic.

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Properties + How to use it?

• All types of textiles, except wool, silk and leather.

• Effective on white and colorfast colours.

• Perfect for soaking of difficult pieces.

• Ideal between 40ºC and 60ºC.

Good to know:

Once dissolved in water, Sodium Percarbonate gradually loses its activity, so long-term storage of solutions is unnecessary.

The solutions are therefore prepared rather at the time of need.

It is also possible to prepare powdery mixtures based on sodium percarbonate, which will only be dissolved at the time of use (washing powder, scouring powder, etc.).



For white laundry: add 1 to 2 tablespoons of powder to the drum.

To remove stains from white and light-coloured laundry (very effective on organic stains: blood, perspiration, fruit, etc.): before washing, wet the area with hot or lukewarm water (rather cold for stains from blood), apply a little powder and leave on for 30 minutes before washing.

To purify and remove stains from heavily soiled textiles (dishtowels, garden clothes, etc.): before washing, soak the textiles in hot water with 1 to 2 tablespoons of powder per litre. Scrub stains, soak for 30 minutes then machine wash.

To purify and remove stains from washable diapers or washable menstrual protection: before washing, soak in a bucket of hot water with 2 to 4 tablespoons of powder added for a few hours. You can also add powder to the drum when washing.


To clean the joints of the shower, the bathtub and the tiles: 2 tablespoons of powder in 100 ml of hot water. Apply, leave on for 30 minutes then scrub with a hard bristle brush before rinsing.

To clean the toilets: 3 tablespoons of powder in 1 liter of boiling water. Pour into the bowl, leave for 15 minutes, scrub then flush the toilet.


To scour burnt dishes and pan bottoms: add 3 tablespoons of powder, cover with boiling water, leave to stand overnight then clean.

To remove traces of tea or coffee on dishes, or colored stains on plastic equipment: 3 tablespoons of powder in 2L of hot water, soak the dishes then rub and rinse.

To remove stains and clean cutting boards: Soak in a solution of powder in hot water (3 tablespoons to 2L of water). Rinse thoroughly and dry.

To enhance the effectiveness of your tablets or powder for the dishwasher, remove stains and prevent the deposit of limestone: add 1 tablespoon of powder in the compartment.


For cleaning floors (except linoleum and waxed floors) and surfaces (except aluminium, lacquered, painted or waxed surfaces): dissolve powder (1 to 2 tablespoon(s) per litre) in a bucket of very hot water. If necessary, add household black soap (1 tablespoon per litre). Use for cleaning, then rinse.

To clean tile joints: 2 tablespoons of powder in 100 ml of hot water. Apply, leave on for 30 minutes then scrub with a hard bristle brush before rinsing.

To remove stain and deodorize carpets and rugs: remove as much of the stain as possible with absorbent paper. Prepare a solution with 2 – 3 tablespoons of powder in 1L of hot water. Apply this solution and let it act for 5 to 10 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with fresh water and blot with a cloth. Allow to dry before vacuuming. Always test on a small, not visible area first to make sure it will not discolour the rug or carpet.


To clean the terrace: 1 – 2 tablespoon(s) of powder per liter of hot water. Scrub the terrace with this preparation using a scrub brush. This solution removes black or green stains very well and cleans joints. Rinse well after use, especially on calcareous stones.

To clean and de-grey outdoor wood: prepare a solution of powder in hot water (about 25 to 40 g/l). Apply with a paintbrush. Leave on for 15 to 20 minutes then brush. Rinse thoroughly then dry.


Carefully close the container after each use. Keep in a cool and dry place, away from heat, light and humidity.


– Keep out of reach of children.

– Do not swallow.

– Avoid contact with eyes and skin. Gloves recommended.

– Keep away from flammable products and any source of ignition.

– Avoid mixing the powder with essential oils (but once the powder is in the water, you can add essential oils if you wish).

– Do not mix with acids in a closed container (gas release).

– Do not apply on aluminum, waxed, lacquered or painted surfaces (except to strip them).

– For laundry, be careful with delicate fabrics and colored laundry. Do not use powder for wool, silk and leather. Soda ash may fade sensitive colors, do not soak unstable colors in concentrated solution. It is best to always test on a non-visible area.

– Dangerous. Respect the precautions for use.

– Harmful if swallowed. Causes serious eye damage. May intensify fire; fuel.

This plastic container can be recycled. Please see the SERVICES page on our site to learn where you can recycle it. Wash thoroughly first.


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