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The collection of Naturally Curious booklets published locally by Editions VIZAVI are to raise awareness among Mauritian children about the preservation of their environment and How to become an eco-citizen.

Why is the sea salty? What does a straw-in-tail feed? How do dolphins communicate with each other? What sea turtles can you see in Mauritius? What sharks can you see in Mauritius? All the answers are in the educational booklets of the “Naturally Curious” collection for children from 7 years old.

The “Naturally Curious” booklets offer young readers the opportunity to learn while having fun.

Each double-page spread of the booklet presents, on the one hand, a notion in simple language and, on the other hand, a game of observation, memory or logic to consolidate the acquired knowledge.

The first objective of this collection is to provide information on the Mauritian environment, on flora and fauna, land and sea life. The second objective is to make every child aware of the importance of protecting all the nature that surrounds him. The third objective is to teach the right attitudes to become a daily eco-citizen from an early age: do not waste water, do not throw waste outside the trash, do not use plastic bottles and bags. , do not leave the light on in an unoccupied room…

Steps, no matter how small, to learn to be responsible for one’s environment from an early age, to learn not to waste and to protect nature.


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Understanding Sharks Kids Book

Build your child’s Home Library today. Purchase Understanding Sharks Kids Book for children to read and play while learning more about their surroundings.

We may all recall a child labeled bad or dumb in school because they learned differently or experienced other difficulties (often undiagnosed). Thankfully, society has made significant progress recognizing that not everyone has the same opinions or interests.

What does that mean for the parents? In this spirit, we are encouraged as parents to help our children and other children too to discover their own “reader identities.”

There is a way into reading for us all. Some children may read by ear (audiobooks) and engage with the story. However, other children may exclusively read graphic novels. Other children may devour the classics, or some children may explore and learn every new book you make a purchase for and add to the home library collection. Equally, we can help them create their identities, just like influencing their fashion sense.

Last but not least, finding reliable and trustworthy information written by a qualified and experienced professional can be challenging. Moreover, teaching students about how their decisions impact the environment seems like a really appropriate learning activity that will help them in the long run as well. I would advise you to check out HERE for more collections of the books that we offer. Additionally, what remains an inspiration to us in building our collection of books is the Top 10 Benefits of Environmental Education.


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