WOOD SHAVINGS APPROX 12KG x 15 packs inc transport

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WOOD SHAVINGS APPROX 12KG x 15 packs inc transport

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Our locally produced wood shavings bundle of 12kgx15 packs are a sustainable activity that is both environmentally and economically friendly. This price includes transport costs.
Because wood shavings are great for garden design, and pet bedding. We sell them to you and deliver at your door step, island wide. 

This price includes transport for this bundle. For more than one bundle please contact us for any possible additional transport costs on 5971 1212 or email hello@ecomauritius.mu

Out of stock

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Shavings can be used as mulch. Another good use for these in gardening is as an organic fertilizer. Simply combine it with nitrogen additive or manure, to prevent rotting, and use the homemade fertilizer to feed your flowers and veggies and keep them moist. Wood shavings is perfect for starting your DIY garden compost. Mix three parts of nitrogen-rich “greens” (moist ingredients like coffee grounds, fruit and lawn clippings) to one dry part (sawdust/shavings, dead leaves or even shredded newspaper). The end result is a perfect organic, garden-boosting compost.

Another surprising yet great idea is using shavings to complement the process behind composting toilets. These units process waste via oxygen, heat and dry resources such as woodworking leftovers to create a safe, sanitary fertilizer with zero water or power waste!

Another great use :  Pack With Wood Chips / shavings & Avoid Damage! You don’t need to buy synthetic materials and bubble wrap anymore. Wood shavings are a great way to fill small, empty spaces and prevent your items from transportation damage.

Horse stables and ranches use sawdust and shavings as a floor overlay. If you have house pets such as rabbits, chickens, and hamsters, you can benefit from the odour absorption properties.

Wood shavings and sawdust are regularly used as bedding for chickens. However, for young chicks, sawdust has been found to be unsuitable as bedding material as young chicks tend to feed on it leading to complications with their digestive system. So shavings would be best.

As wood shavings break down, they slowly provide small amounts of nutrients that increase the organic matter of the soil. This organic matter gets worked down into the soil through the activity of earthworms and insects that live and burrow through the soil. The increased organic matter in the soil results in healthier plant growth.

These locally produced wood chips  from Bois Noir (endemic),are economical and easy to apply and remove. It isn’t blown around by winds like lightweight mulches. When it no longer looks its best, you can compost it or work it directly into the soil. Did you know that wood chips block the sun and help keep the soil cool? To make you plants happy and reach optimal growth, cover your soil with a 2 inches layer of wood shavings. The main benefits of wood shavings include reduced weeding, cooler soil in the summer and water conservation. Wood shavings increases the soil’s organic matter resulting in healthier plant growth.


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