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Eco-Cleaning Recipes for Toilet Bowls

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Homemade Toilet Bowl Cleaners

One of the best ways to ensure you use safer products to clean your bathroom is to make your own cleaning products with safe ingredients. Going this route can save you money as well as reduce packaging waste. Some of the best DIY toilet bowl cleaners contain citric acid, borax, baking soda, cleaning-strength distilled white vinegar, and disinfecting essential oils, such as lemon or tea tree oil -ALL available on

DIY Toilet Scrub

This excellent DIY toilet bowl cleaner recipe includes powdered citric acid, baking soda, and essential oils mixed together.

First, scrub the toilet with the dry ingredients plus the essential oils.

Then, add ½ cup of cleaning-strength distilled white vinegar or substitute with 2 cups of 5% regular distilled white vinegar.

Scrub the toilet again, and then let it all sit for 15 minutes before flushing the toilet.

This recipe works especially well for homes with hard water, such as well water.

Overnight Toilet Cleaner

If you can leave the solution undisturbed in the toilet overnight, here are two good options.

Option 1: Pour 16 ounces of 5% distilled white vinegar into the toilet at night. Let it sit until morning, then scrub the toilet.

Option 2: If you want to take it up a notch, place ¾ cup borax, 1 cup white vinegar, and 10 drops of essential oils separately into the toilet bowl. Let it sit overnight, and then scrub it well in the morning.

These options are especially helpful for removing scum and buildup because the vinegar and other ingredients work overnight.

Choose Safer Toilet Bowl Cleaners

You don’t have to expose your family to harsh cleaners to keep your home clean. Choosing safer toilet bowl cleaners is a great place to start if you want to help keep harmful chemicals out of your home and reduce your environmental impact. Try one of the toilet bowl cleaners listed above made with safe ingredients — for your health and the planet’s.

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